Physical Fitness during Lockdown

Lockdown was a time where everyone’s health was at stake. Not only their mental health, but their physical health too, because no one was allowed to go outside. This caused a huge gap in everyone’s daily exercise schedule, since we weren’t allowed to play any sports, go to the gym, swimming etc. Therefore, I wanted to take charge of my own health by keeping fit at home. I joined the online PS classes conducted by our school football teachers who taught us about various exercises we can do. They also monitored us and told us if we went wrong somewhere. We had to follow a rigorous schedule of exercises based on Abs, Cardio, High Intensity, Strength and Endurance training. All of this was conducted on Google Meet. Here is a photo of the same below:

Me (Top Left Corner) and My Coach (Middle from the Top)

CAS components catered:

Activity: I kept fit during the lockdown, and followed a guided plan created by our coach.

Learning Outcomes catered:

  1. I could identify myself as someone who was flexible, but had to work on cardio training.
  2. As I identified my weaknesses, I began to give extra time to them even without classes. This helped me undertake all these challenges while fitting them in my schedule.

4. I hadn’t missed a single class in the course of conduction, which showed my commitment.

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