CAS Experience – Feeding Animals


I have seen many animals on the streets that either consume plastic or suffer from starvation. This made me motivated to feed animals, I fed the animals daily, and even went out with my parents on weekend mornings to feed animals that a bit far from my home, the rest of the days I fed the animals near my home. I focused on the sustainability goal – Life on Land.

Learning Outcomes

L3 – I planned and initiated my CAS experience, I first decided and discussed with my parents to know where I can find more animals to feed to. I listed down the locations and planned accordingly. I went to different locations near my home and on the weekends, my parents took me to a few places to continue my experience.

L6 – I focused on the sustainability goal – Life on land, this is one of the sustainability goals which focuses to protect life on Earth, this is achieved by sustainably managing forests, halt biodiversity loss, and combating desertification. I help to achieve this goal by halting biodiversity loss, as I prevent these animals from starvation and plastic consumption, later these animals give us some of the products such as milk and meat, so to help these animals, I fed them with food that does not harm the animal in any way.

Learner Profiles

Caring – I took care of few animals where I could reach, and even ensured that these animals don’t starve, the animals eat plastic because there is nothing else for them to eat, and to prevent that I took an initiative by feeding the animals.


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