CAS Experience – Fund Raising


For my CAS experience, one of the goals I wanted to achieve was to demonstrate how I can be useful to the community and help tackle one of the global issues, I did my internship at Shashi Dreams Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides quality education to underprivileged children, for this internship, I was assigned to raise funds for the organization.

Learning Outcomes

L6 – I have focused upon the sustainability goal, quality education. Since I had raised funds for an organization, they use those funds to buy resources or use it to provide education to the underprivileged children.

L7 – During the CAS experience, I understood that when asking people to provide donations, different reactions and feedback is given. I faced some of the consequences which were people being irritated and not donating, since I asked people about the donation many times, some people did not like being asked repetitively and did not donate, but even after these hardships, I was able achieve my goal.

Learner profile attributes

Communicator – To convince people to provide donations, full awareness and proper communication was required. I was able to convince some people to provide me the funds through my communication skills.


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