CAS Experience – Running


Maintaining a healthy body is necessary, especially during such times. Even though the school has re-opened, I still needed to lose weight as I had put on some weight, so I decided to make a schedule for running and set some goals to achieve during this CAS experience.

Learning outcomes

L2 – I had faced many challenges in this activity, earlier when I started running, I could barely complete 3 km, and was not able to do anything afterward, as I became very tired, but I did not give up. After some practice and enduring the pain, it became a bit easier to run, I tried to then achieve running 5 km, which was quite difficult but I accomplished my goal.

L4 – In the initial stage, as it was hard for me to run, I took a 20 to 30 seconds break in between, I felt like giving up as it was difficult for me, but I showed perseverance and commitment towards my goal and achieved it.


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