CAS: Basketball

From my childhood I had much interest in playing Basketball which is my primary sport. I like basketball because it is a very competitive and fast sport.

After the school started as online classes in August, I had much of my free time in the day so I attached a basketball ring at my home and practiced shooting, layups and dribbling daily after 7 to stay fit and increase my basketball skills.

Playing basketball has helped me stay in discipline and order and even maintain my physical and mental well-being. As the COVID lockdown was once lifted and the family clubs were re-opened I started going to the club to play basketball with other members of the club and my friends. Playing basketball with them helped me increase my Game view and social interaction.

As many senior Basketball players also came to play basketball I got the chance to learn from them as they have more experience which helped me learn about Game tactics and ball handling.

The CAS experience covered the component of Activity as Basketball is a sport which can be counted under activity. The learning outcomes were L1, L2, L3 and L4.

Alignment to Sustainable Goals: Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

L1: I identified some of my strengths while practicing, I identified that I can shoot long range targets easily with practice, I am a really good handler, I can take layups and short range shoot easily.

L2: I developed some new skills like controlling the ball, shooting long range, etc. in the process which will even help me in my basketball games, this was challenging because I was very lazy and not very active in the COVID lockdown.

L3: I organized myself during the COVID lockdown by setting some goals which I accomplished in my day to day activities like cycling and basketball, usually I am not an organized person but I will become an organized person.

L4: This activity was difficult because my perseverance and commitment was necessary in playing basketball and taking evidences of the skills and techniques was the most important part of my CAS experience.


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