The online examination by world future business leaders was held on 20th feb 2021 which was an 100 mark mcq examination.

The topic that I chose for the examination was international business as I saw some scope in scoring marks after sessing the sample paper online, so I studied for the examination through the booklet and attemted for the online paper.

After the results came I was totally shocked as I saw I ranked 3rd globally which was a huge achievement for me even though I scored 74/100.

The Learning outcames catered in this experience were L1, L2, L4 and L6.

L1: I identified my strengh in the international business sector and attempted the paper accordingly after seeing the sample paper scoring good marks.

L2: I undertook the challange of studying new concepts by myself through the study booklet provided by my BM teacher under the international business topic.

L6: I demonstrated engagement with a global topic which is international business by studying all it’s concepts and contents.


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