Caution ! Brain Stroke ahead

What is a brain stroke ? What are its major causes ? How does it impact your life as an individual ? Well, brain stroke is a disease which includes severe damage to one’s brain due to several reasons. In simpler words,a stroke occurs when the blood supply is interrupted or reduced in the brain. As this occurs, it affects the brain tissues and the brain cells start dying within minutes.

Brain stroke inculcates two types of strokes which are Ischemic stroke and Hemorrhagic stroke. Talking about Ischemic stroke, it occurs when the arteries of our brain become narrow or blocked, thus reducing the blood flow in brain.

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Ischemic Stoke

As you can see in the image, blood clot occurs when the artery becomes narrow, the blood cells collect in cerebral artery causing an Ischemic stroke. Brain depends on the carotid artery to provide it fresh blood and nutrients but when the artery is blocked so blood cells cannot make enough energy and they stop working. If the artery is blocked for a long period then the blood cells die.

Ischemic stroke affects the sufferer majorly. The patient undergoes difficult time when caused by a stroke. Sometimes, the person has a disability in the vision as a result of the brain stroke on the backside of the brain. The effects of stroke depend on the location of the stroke and severity of the damage to the brain tissue. However, the one side of the brain controls the other side of the body, so if the stroke occurs on the left side of the brain then paralysis may occur in the right side of the body, also memory loss can occur. If stroke occurs on the right side of the brain, then paralysis may occur in the left side of the body, and vision problems.

Moreover, there are chances that the person survives even after the stroke. Some treatments are, early treatment with medication (tissue plasminogen activator) which can minimize the brain damage till an extent. This will restore blood flow and will reduce the effects of Ischemia. The person may have to adapt new limitation post stroke. One needs social, emotional and practical support to lead a smooth life after a stroke. With good care and rehabilitation, one can lead a good life.
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Ischemic stroke could be treated with several therapies but the new research study has found that “stem cell transplantation improved patient’s recovery when administered up to 3 years after stroke.” Stem cell transplantation can considerably help the patient to recover it’s normal condition. Stem cell transplantation is the transplant of stem cells in the brain usually derived from bone marrow. This can help the blood cells survive after the diagnosis of stroke.
However, transplantation can result in major implications in ethical, social, economic, political, cultural, or geographical terms. Economic terms, such as many donors are forced to donate the needed thing for the transplantation and said that they will be given money in exchange. Also some patients are not considered to be treated since they don’t give enough money for the transplantation. Also, corruption takes place in such cases. Cultural terms, such as many cultures don’t accept when there member takes an organ or body part form donor of another culture.

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