Drawing and painting

This experience was to develop my creativity. I wanted to learn basic to intermediate drawing and basic painting skills. This would have also helped me use these skills throughout my life, if I want to express my thoughts in a creative way. 

Learning outcomes – 

LO 1 –

I initially identified my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to drawing and painity, after figuring out that, I focused on skills I should focus more on. I understood that I am good at maintaining painting and was not good at drawing. Due to this I tried to first learn and practice my drawing skills and then focus on painting.

LO 2- 

Initalu, I couldn’t even draw basic 2D,3D figures properly. Which made it difficult for me to make other artworks which require accumulation of various art skills. To solve this problem, I practiced those basic drawing skills which helped me learn the more difficult skills.

LO3 – 

I had planned a proper schedule for me, so that I could complete this experience with determination. Planning helped me simplify my tasks over a duration of time.

LO4 – 

This experience required commitment and perseverance, as irregularity in following my schedule could lead to inefficient results. I had to stay committed to tasks ahead of me, even though they are difficult and new for me. Being regular helped me develop skills faster and with greater perfection.

Overall this experience was a good opportunity for me to figure out the hidden artist in me, and develop my art skills.

Evidence – 

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