I felt that, in order to have sustainable cities, it’s necessary for us to maintain the nature around us. Instead of just blindly cutting trees, plants around us. Presence of nature in our society helps give fresh air to people around it and also helps create an impact on the health of people. Because of this I started gardening in my society to keep nature alive near me and my friends. I regularly watered the plants and if needed provide them the shape they require and even fulfill their necessities.I chose to do this in order to do something good for the environment and also to have some fun doing it. I thought of it as my responsibility as a caring citizen to do something beneficial for the environment. After planting the Samples I regularly took care of them and watered them.

Learning outcomes – 

LO3 – Initiate and plan a CAS experience

I planned a schedule for me and my brother, of what we are going to do when. SO that task required to perform remains clear to us, and we are well aware of our responsibilities. This helped us focus on particular tasks when it was required.

LO4- Show Commitment and perseverance in their CAS Experience

This task required commitment and perseverance, as gardening itself means regular maintenance of plants, providing them nutrition they require to grow. By watering them timely, check their condition after heavy rains. Irregularity in gardening could have led to degradation of plants which I have grown.

LO5 – Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

For this task I worked with my brother, and we both started gardening and maintaining the nature around us, and taking care of life on land. Working collaboratively helped us complete work faster and with more efficiency as we were able to perform tasks with more perfection. And at times if one of us was not able to garden for a particular day, then there was a backup who would garden for that particular day. Which helped in completing this experience more efficiently.

LO6 – engagement with issues of global significance,

It;s important for every individual to keep life on earth sustainable. To do that, every individual has his own responsibility for society. Here, I should engage towards the global issue of “life on land”, which are the plants here in this case. By gardening, I did my part for the society by keeping nature around me sustainable which benefits me and people of my society as they get fresh air.

LP –

I developed the learner profit “caring” as throughout this experience I cared about the plants and did what’s required to maintain and grow them.

Overall, this experience changed me as an individual towards nature, as I actually understood how gardening can help save the environment and keep this planet sustainable.

Evidence –

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