Coronary Artery Disease. What is that?

So, you might be wondering what is coronary heart disease, and how does it happen in the first place? Well, you have visited the right place to know about coronary heart disease. It is the most common heart disease, it is when our arteries which supply blood to the heart is narrowed and is made rigid, to block or make difficult for the blood to flow through the arteries to the heart. This happens due to high cholesterol levels and another substance known as plaque, which narrows the arteries. Since this is a chronic disease so it could last longer for your lifetime, if not cured.

This may affect your health and cause depression and other symptoms since your blood flow is affected, and could not be cured easily, this would not just impact you physically and mentally, but it also affects your loved ones, and society as you might not be able to meet them again. This disease might not be passed on to others but can also cause other impacts on you such as chest pain, shortness of breath, hypertension and even heart failure.

Here is a figure of coronary artery disease in the arteries:

Phew! This might be a very dangerous disease, and could last till your lifetime, but this disease does have a cure. Doctors provide few medications to cure the disease in the early stages, these medications include Statin, Heart medications, and blood thinner if it is too late to take medications, so Doctors may do surgeries, which is Coronary artery bypass surgery.

Taking good medical care may resolve the problem but can transplantation help this disease to be cured. Apparently, Doctors Transplant heart to cure heart diseases, but since the surgery needs to be done in Arteries to open the blockage in the arteries, heart transplantation won’t help, and even if transplantation is done to cure the disease, so there are chances where your body may reject the foreign organ.

Since transplantation cannot be performed to cure diseases so The surgeries may help to clear the blockage in the arteries, as mentioned that Coronary Artery bypass surgery is performed to cure this problem but it takes $40,000 to perform this surgery means 2,76,000 Rs. Which economically affects not only you but your family as well. This surgery might be expensive to perform but this may open the clot in your arteries. Which socially affects you and your family in a positive way.

Based on your geographical location, it may be easy for you to report to the doctor, and medications can also be easily accessed if you reach on time. Which is a piece of good news for you and your family.

There is another good news for you, that if you don’t want any of your family members to have this disease so this can be prevented! Through three easy steps.

1. Live a healthy lifestyle, avoid intake of a large number of oils and fats.

2. With a proper diet, be regular to exercise, stay fit!

3. Stop smoking, and having consumption of Alcohol.

With these three steps, you are ready to defeat heart diseases!




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