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Epilepsy which also known as seizure disorder is a neurological (central nervous system) disorder characterized by seizures which is a symptoms of a brain problem. This happen because of sudden, abnormal electrical activity in the brain and short periods of unusual behavior, sensations and loss of consciousness at times, due to disruption of the nerve cell activity in the brain. The impact of epilepsy is having many sides and affects a large area on its effects. The occurrence of seizures is unpredictable and often dangerous, increasing the risk of injury, hospitalization and life expectancy, and has a bad effect a patient’s mental health, often resulting in anxiety and depression. There are also many things you can do to decrease your problem of Epilepsy For reference -: You can go on Ketogenic diet, Deep brain simulation, Vagus nerve simulation and Neurosurgery but the doctor will only do your surgery when your test shows that Your seizures originate in a small, well-defined area of your brain and also the area in your brain to be operated on doesn’t interfere with vital functions such as speech, language, motor function, vision or hearing and Also Yes, There is a transplant named stem cell-derived neuron transplants which reduce seizures It is very helpful because before to treat the disease the person had to take the medicine for seizures for nearly after one year after he is fine but it can also have some harmful impacts. The transplant has a notable economical impact as it costs high and can be equal to your savings, Socially you will now be more acceptable then before because before you were a brain disorder patient and now you aren’t. The transplant has geographical impact as you can’t live and go to a place which has less oxygen and also a place which has a high level of pollution and Also there are many things you have to keep in mind when you are a Epilepsy patient that you will have to face and they are as follows -:

  1. You may lose your consciousness.
  2. There can be a rapid eye movement, blinking and staring can happen.
  3. Abnormal Heartbeat.
  4. Headache can usually happen.
  5. You can lose your muscle tone.
  6. Uncontrollable movement may happen.

At last everything is curable and epilepsy is a disease which has many ways to cure and at a lower cost than others..


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