Alzheimer is all about the infection that might be overlooking late occasions or situation which has harmful results , . As the infection grow, an individual with Alzheimer’s malady will create extreme memory loss and lose the capacity to do regular to store memory . Actually the person suffering from Alzheimer starts forgetting recent events and as the infection grows , so the person fails to remember his parents . Alzheimer’s ailment mess may briefly improve side effects or moderate the rate of decrease. These medicines can once in a while help individuals with Alzheimer’s ailment amplify work and keep up autonomy for a period. Diverse projects and administrations can help bolster individuals with Alzheimer’s malady and their parental figures . Also called : senile dementia .

Alzheimer infection (AD) drastically affects the lives of those influenced by the illness. Shockingly little research has considered the individual and social consequences for AD patients. Many seem to experience six phases of negative progress of the infection , however any person’s way of behavior the may shift generously. Promotion additionally , it drastically affects relatives who fill in as guardians for patient with the sickness. These impacts are significantly more analysed and better reported. The weights . The economic costs of AD are considerable, both for “formal” services, paid for in the money economy, and “informal” services, provided without monetary payment. The direct costs, both formal and informal, are largely, but not entirely, borne by the patient and the patient’s family. The overall costs to society clearly amount to scores of billions of dollars.

There is no single diagnostic test that can determine if a person has Alzheimer’s disease. Physicians (often with the help of specialists such as neurologists, neuropsychologists, geriatricians and geriatric psychiatrist , use a variety of approaches and tools to help make a diagnosis. Although physicians can almost always determine if a person has dementia(Decline in a mental health). although Information from a physical exam and laboratory tests can help identify health issues that can cause symptoms of dementia. Common causes of dementia-like symptoms are depression, untreated sleep apnea, delirium, side effects of medications, thyroid problems, certain vitamin deficiencies and excessive alcohol consumption. Unlike Alzheimer’s and other dementias, these conditions often may be reversed with treatment.

The effect on Central nervous System :-

The loss of functioning brain tissue that occurs with Alzheimer disease initially causes problems with memory and learning. As the disease progresses, intellectual function, personality and mood are increasingly affected. With late-stage disease, patients lose their sense of self and present circumstances. Patients with advanced Alzheimer disease are completely dependent on others for daily care, as they have forgotten how to go about the most basic tasks of daily living. Patients do not recognize loved ones and lose the capacity to contemplate, plan, rationalize, organize and interact with their environment.

The effect on Digestive System :-

Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics,” swallowing difficulties commonly occur in Alzheimer disease, and compared to other types of dementia, these difficulties often occur fairly early in the disease. People often have difficulty eating without choking. Pneumonia (A eating Disorder) remains a common cause of death among people with Alzheimer disease.

muscular system :-
People with advanced Alzheimer disease lose the ability to use their muscles in purposeful ways. Patients with late-stage disease typically lose their ability to walk.

As per my research Alzheimer cant be cured with simple medications or from any treatment we can stop the infection to get more and more advanced . hence the concept of neural transplantation is very new peripheral and central nervous tissue have been shown to be viable after implantation in a variety of locations in adult animals’ brain and spinal cord, and survival data are impressive. Donor tissue is optimal when harvested from fetuses, and successful growth and differentiation of neural grafts have been demonstrated in host animals in a broad age range. physiologic, and behavioral parameters suggest a certain degree of integration of graft tissue into the host central nervous system, although technical limitations do not yet allow definitive statements regarding the extent of functional re innervation which means organ rejection by our immune system . Perhaps the most promising and innovative of current studies are those that utilize a combination of peripheral and central neural tissue as transplant material. hence I would like to say that no one has done neuron surgery in the disease Alzheimer .

As per the concern of Ethical step , I font think its unethical because nobody can move a neuron from ones body to the another body . by some researches only these organs can be majorly transplanted , also we should go with the treatment which is suggested by the specialized doctors .

Socially these people are treated very – very differently , some people to even have a eye contact with them because of their different behavior in the community , this thing makes a , bad effect on the patient , I would like to suggest those people who don’t give Alzheimer patients a better stand in the community ,because it dose affect the will power of the person who is fighting from the disease .

economically the treatment of this disease is very costly and expensive in India , Brain imaging , 3d city scan ,MRI which shows what is actually going inside our body at present . but As we have Indian government these things are provided for free by the indian government but people say that the quality is not good , hence India comes in the top growing economies but there are also poor people and people who can’t afford .

I hope this blog would have helped you to know more about the disease , solution , (effect of Economical , social ,Political and ethical) ect .

By Priyansh singh choraria .

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