Creating Awareness about ageism

“ Consider! You may or you may not but I am within”, the stereo lacks to play this rhythm often”

” You are the more youthful one , You are more established one , You are new trainer,  You are an experienced explorer person “

” A true cycle  conceive their tyres through its age beneath of  it’s lasting experience to deal the roads “

Ageism and Employ requirements is a broad problem at every global level it creates an issue at every age. People are not accepting certain ages or being exclusive in the society. After all primary researched helped me a lot to learn about ageism and age discrimination at different age levels.

It helped me to understand about the mature requirements of employment and why there is huge age discrimination at offices/companies/shops. It also benefited me to inspire about some interesting facts about the old age groups/employes and create awareness about the issue in society.

To express this issue to large demographic and fight for the injustice these people are facing. The best way to spread awareness about this topic was social media apps where highest demographic of the world is covered. To be more prominent and dedicated I created this as my cas experience.

Learning objectives achieved were :

LO 1 :  Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

I am already very good in graphic designing and creativity skills. This was the most important skill used here to create the maximum impact of the post on the society. I created a poster with all the information of ageism and added the some good quotes created by me to create the poster more interesting.

What I lacked was popularity in social media to reach out the most demographic. This experience helped me to improve my research skills and organisation skills. The more I researched about ageism I got to know about new available sources and organise the poster the best way to reach maximum demographic.

LO 2 :  Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

Two major challenges were faced during this CAS experience first one is to make the information most unbiased with the meaningful messages and another challenge was to create the most attractive poster to reach the maximum target audience.

To overcome the challenge facts are verified with sources and perspectives are reduced. To overcome another challenge maximum possible social media apps are used.One more challenge was to have the most updated data for this last 1-2 year timespan data has been chosen and presented.

LO 4 : Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.

At some stages I thought to quit this assignment due to threats of data misleading the society to a new issue or having less popularity in social media will not work with this idea.

Then I imagined about the people facing these challenges and posted the the poster it doesnt take much time in current era to viral a poster over the society. I also thought of how much positive impact will this poster make if it succeeds.

Sometimes I also got negative reviews from the peer stating that this idea will not work. But, the faith in destiny helped me to continue with project and no matter it doesn’t works but a initiative is always a good thing.

LO 6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

The issue demonstrated over here is two SDGs of the society Peace, Justice and strong institutions and reducing inequalities. Justice is a big matter in our in society. It is deemed that more than 250 million people face huge injustice in society where less than 50% cases are reported.

Only 1 out 100 in the society gets the right justice. Wherelse ageism is also the highly challenging injustice faced by more 58 million people in the society. It is a serious topic to be worked on and bring a change.

Reducing inequalities of age is also a big issue in society. Today young group excludes the elders from their social gatherings and meets. It creates loneliness and alone atmosphere for the elders and they face mental health issues or depression issues some time.

Sometimes this also leads to people shifting elder people to old age homes or having illegal consumptions on their absence in the party. Many workplaces force them to quit the job with huge workload pressure and this creates them unemployed. They are not allowed to work even if they want.

LO 7 : Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions.

There were many times I felt that the issue is outdated or I am being biased with the society. I also thought that what if the impression of the poster goes wrong the insecurity threats on me.

But, then I research some recent case studies learned about people’s experiences of ageism and thought that what I am doing is ethical and considering the large society it will impact and help them fight the injustice. To reduce bianess most of the opinions and perspectives were reduced.

My peers also sometimes told that nothing will happen from this small initiative its just waste of time. But, there’s someone who has to begin the initiative no matter it is huge or small it creates a change in society.

Infographic poster posted on the social media :

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