Biology SA:Leukemia

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow.Leukemia is mainly involved in white blood cells,for a normal person white blood cells fight against infections but the people with Leukemia,abnormal white blood cells are produced in the bone marrow which don’t function properly.It is very harmful to the body as they grow in a larger amount and they lower the development of normal cells.But that is not it,Leukemia is not a normal type of disease,Leukemia itself has 11 different types of diseases,few of the type of disease only happens on children and the other only affect adults.

As said before,this is a very harmful disease and it also come up with many symptoms but scientists have not been able to find any proper causes of Leukemia but there are many symptoms such as Fever and chills normally,losing weight without trying,frequent infections and etc.Leukemia is also not only based on bone marrow and blood cells it can slowly spread through to the organs such as liver,central nervous systems.This disease is not hereditary,it is basically a mutation in your genes.

There are many ways of treatment of leukemia  but the main treatment or the most frequently used treatment of leukemia is chemotherapy,chemotherapy is a type of drug which is also used for different cancer treatments.There are also different types of treatments as biological therapy,targeted therapy,and stem cell transplant.

In the given treatment above there is a treatment called stem cell transplant which is also referred as bone marrow transplant.It is probably the dangerous option for a treatment,before this treatment the patient is given high dose of chemotherapy, and sometimes radiation therapy so the body is prepared for the transplant.According to a article in 5 years after the treatment,there is a 30-50% chance that you won’t have a disease or symptoms of leukemia and it also stated that if the symptoms didn’t occur after the first 2 years of the transplant then there will be a 80% of chance that the symptoms won’t occur for a longer period of time.It is very beneficial is done right but it is also risky at the same time.

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