CAS Experience- Cycling

Because of the lockdown, I had not been exceptionally dynamic, this was a worry for my well-being and prosperity. Thus, I began searching for exercises that will assist me with staying aware of my health and fitness. In this way, I came up with Cycling, Cycling is the most ideal approach to be fit, have a great time outside, and socialize. Cycling is additionally a valuable movement to assemble muscle in the legs, increment strength, endurance, perseverance, and equilibrium.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth 

On the first day of cycling, I became more acquainted with my strength and weakness, from the outset I didn’t know whether it was on the grounds that it was my first day or it was really a strength or a weakness of mine. I couldn’t go at significant distances with consistent speed. Each time I attempted to break that obstruction, I was devastated. My legs would hurt, I couldn’t even do everyday tasks at my home, and I was demotivated to cycle the following day. To overcome my weakness I made a plan every single day I would expand the distance just barely so I’m not pushing myself hard but not enough that it would exhaust me. Distinguishing my own strength and weakness assisted me with defeating it, however use it as leverage (Strength), and it likewise helped in growing certain regions.

Learning Outcome 2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

All through the CAS experience, I faced numerous difficulties and challenges. At the outset, I couldn’t go at a consistent speed for quite a while due to the lack of endurance. These difficulties that I face were because of the reason for the sudden change in my lifestyle (Pandemic/Lockdown). To overcome this I began with simple exercises and workouts, had certain adjustments in my diet, and followed my cycling session thoroughly. Another difficulty that I faced was the lack of inspiration to get moving out. In the initial not many days, I used to push myself hard to accomplish a higher distance which causes extreme body pain and cramps. To overcome this I changed my plan, instead of pushing myself hard, I would push myself little by little every single day with the goal that I would not experience extreme body pain. Furthermore, my friends also helped me with this.

Learning Outcome 4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Commitment and Perseverance Are an important part of the experience, If you know me I am not a very active person, the things that motivated me to get up each day were the relief from the stress of studying and working, and rather have fun outdoors with my friends. Without commitment and perseverance makes a job is more difficult but with perseverance, it becomes fun, easier, and of high quality.

Learning Outcome 5- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.

Working collaboratively is really easy for me because I have always loved being around people and socialize with new individuals. Throughout the CAS Experience, the benefit of working collaboratively was that I felt cycling not as an activity but rather as a fun socializing experience where I and my friends had a lot of fun. Furthermore going out with my friends helped me to be motivated throughout the experience even at times when I was tired, they pushed me to my limit and helped me improve my stamina and travel a longer distance day by day.

Learning Outcome 6- Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

During the pandemic, I realized that health and well-being is a very important factor in catching disease like corona and many more. Cycling is an activity that improves health and well-being with also having fun during the process. Furthermore, cycling also addresses one more global issue, pollution. Pollution is the outcome of traveling in vehicles that utilize non-renewable to run which release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Cycling longer distances will allow me to decrease my carbon footprint as well.   

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