Learning Indian Classical Music- Activity

This particular CAS experience falls under the component of Activity. I have been learning Indian Classical Music for the last 7 years and continued it as an activity. 

LO1: I identified my strengths and weaknesses in this experience. My strength is learning the vocals in Indian classical and my weakness is the theory part of the same. The way Indian Classical Music works is learning both vocal and theoretical parts of it. While I was studying for exams and tests during classes, I realised that the vocals are my strength and I should ensure that I maximize efforts in order to not lose any marks and understand how much theory is required for the grades that I aim to get. It was important for me to know my strengths and weaknesses in this subject in order to get my satisfied grade level in exams and tests. Working on my weaknesses was particularly challenging for obvious reasons. However, I ensured that I kept my main priority vocals and gave calculated time for studying the theory.

LO2: Like already mentioned, the biggest challenge for me was doing theory in Indian classical music. However, for the time being that I consider this to be a CAS experience was also among starting IBDP. Balancing that with studying music thrice a week and preparing for my final year was particularly the most challenging. I had not done anything similar before because I never faced school to be a rigorous challenge along with other activities that I was a part of. There were times where I felt like I would want a break from the same however I realised that pushing myself will eventually be rewarding and leaving the activity now will only make it harder to get back on track. Although it was hard, I felt great to push myself and see that I could take up something completely different and still manage it with the rigour of being an IB student. 

LO4: Doing it in the midst of studying IB, definitely required me to show commitment and consistency in the activity. It was harder at times and maybe hardest in the beginning to get used to managing this experience however after moulding my schedule in accordance with every activity that I am doing on the side made me keep doing and flourish in the same.

Extracts from my music book.

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