Gardening- Activity

This particular activity falls under the component of Activity. I have been gardening regularly for the last 6 months and the idea of doing something that is associated with my doing something larger and with a greater good for the community feels very rewarding. 

LO1: An external strength for this particular activity for me was the land that I have. I felt like since I have so much arable land and I live in the middle of a farm, it is highly convenient for me to take up something that relates to nature and optimizes the advantage of the land I am in. 

LO2: What was challenging about gardening was the maintenance and intricacy of the same. I had to ensure that I don’t forget to take care of the plants (fruits and vegetables) that I took responsibility for. Also learning how much quantity is required for what vegetable and fruit is different. To know and learn about seasonal plants, fruits and vegetables was something that I didn’t think would be much of a hassle but it was. However I do believe that I included these details and intricacies very mindfully. I really enjoyed the whole experience growing plants and somehow ended up being able to attach to them and felt great about their nourishment as plants. 

LO4: This activity in particular requires commitment and perseverance. Forgetting about these plants will completely nullify the whole purpose of the experience. I ended up setting reminders on my phone to ensure that I dont forget about watering the plants. 

LO6: One issue that I thought of a lot while doing this project was the problem of pollution in India. I was at peak with checking the constant decrement of the Air quality index. With the situation of India’s pollution after Diwali I was concerned and decided that I would do whatever I can in my power to bring about the slightest change in this array. I decided to start gardening and learned the importance of the same. I learned about how gardening in general can have a greater impact on the environment even if it is done on the smallest scale.

The above images are the plants I had taken care of for a few months. Few had been damaged due to lack of required nutrients. These are the end goals.

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