learning to cook

The topic I chose for my project is to learn a dish: “Panir Ki Sabhji” . I adhered to my project and did not change because I feel that it is something natural to me. A reason I adhered to this is because by doing this I benefit myself in the future, as in times of need I would be able to cook my own food and not rely on others making me independent. This also helps people around me as I can teach them the dish that I learned.


 did not know much about cooking. I have no experience of chopping vegetables, adding spices or handling the heat. The only times I am near cooking is when I have to make noodles for myself, which I must admit, does not need any skills. So learning how to cook will be something that is completely new to me.


Now from my previous experience of cooking,(which is very small) I have gained the ability of working around fire, this includes, ensuring my own security and judging if the food is ready or no.

 I believe this because now I learn to make many dishes and all the dishes are unique in their own way giving me the confidence and experience I would need in the future where I will be truly alone in different places, making me fully independent.

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