CAS- Reflection-Gardening-Activity- Service

I chose to grow plants as it gave me the opportunity to care for them and protect the soil. It also helps in reducing air pollution and provides a great source of fresh air. Also, it allows animals to thrive. Growing plants helps us in reducing climate change which nowadays is a global issue, the world is facing great challenges to curb global warming. Planting trees will be beneficial to fight this issue. Also growing plants can help in purifying the air as it absorbs and reduces carbon dioxide levels from the air. Also, I took care of my plants and watered them timely. I take care of my plants and treat them as my friends and I enjoyed this activity very much.

Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

I was keeping a track of all the plants and when to water them. I also set alarms so that I would remind myself when to water them. I am an organized person and I try to complete a task with total commitment. Also, questions like these came to my mind: how long will it take and I will face the challenges to complete this task. Initially, I did not know how to grow a plant in the right manner however gradually I learnt to do this. To increase my knowledge of this field I took guidance from my parents and researched about growing plants. It has been my experience that planning and implementing a strategy can help me reach my goals and make the process easier in the future.

Learning Outcome 4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

Growing plants requires commitment and patience as plants take time to grow and if we forget to water the plants or if we don’t give them proper sunlight they could die. But I never forgot to give them water. It takes a lot of time for a plant to grow and so I felt like leaving all of it but I never gave up. Committing things is easy but fulfilling needs hard work. Commitment and perseverance are very important in our life for achieving goals, we will not be able to achieve our target if commitment and perseverance are not there.

 Learning Outcome 5: Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

Working collaboratively with my friends was exciting and a teamwork process as it did not take a to much time to do and we had planted more than 10 plants around the house. while working we had a different perspective as we worked in a team as to which plants we can grow and where can we place them so it looks good.

Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

Our current circumstance, our inclination is dirtied a great deal and developing a few plants will not satisfactory the contamination however it’s a start. Additionally, a little advance for our current circumstance is exceptionally critical. Likewise, we have quit utilizing chemicalized vegetables rather than utilizing new vegetables. There is a great deal of contamination so we need to develop plants around the world so contamination levels can be diminished. These days an unnatural weather change is expanding and there are many difficulties which are being looked by the worldwide under which the temperature of the earth is expanding and in light of that icy masses are liquefying, sea levels are rising and to control and keep up with the degree of the temperature of the earth so we need to make a little stride of developing plants by doing this we can save our planet.

Learning outcome 7: Recognize and consider the ethics of the choices and actions

Initially, knowledge regarding growing plants in the right way was involved as I did not know how to grow a plant but I researched from the internet and took the help of my parents on the subject and after getting a better understanding of the issue I initiated and planned the things accordingly. This ethical issue affected me directly as earlier I was not having the proper knowledge about growing plants. Earlier I thought that to sow a plant in the soil and water is to grow a plant. I felt confused about whether I will be able to complete this activity or not. My opinion has changed completely after performing this experience in a successful manner which gave me a high level of confidence that any work or activity may be performed well if planning is done and knowledge is taken before doing this experience. It was important to consider my ethics of choice as that would affect my actions directly. It was important to use proper resources to get a successful outcome.


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