CAS Experience (Joining BM Club)

Business has always been an interesting topic to me. From selling vegetables to selling a car, everything is counted as business. As a career option, my mind is set and is ready to board on a journey into the world of business and entrepreneurship. Looking at my interest and as a part of CAS component creativity, I found this opportunity to join the BM club initiated by my batchmates. The primary reason to join this club was to take a dive into critically analysing various business strategies and discuss about the various innovations happening around us in the competitive market, etc.

Learning outcome 1

Being raised in a family full of business, I feel lucky to have it in my blood helping me realise that this is something I’m good at and gave me some direction, a clear image of what it’s like to manage a firm. I chose to take advantage of my strong interest in the real world to strengthen my theoretical knowledge and really learn more about how businesses operate in the real world. This group allowed me to broaden my knowledge of business management and have a deeper understanding of its application with the real world. Like everyone has their own strengths and weakness, I was able to identify my weaknesses like communication and writing the analysis in an organized manner.

Learning outcome 2

In the beginning, it was hard for me to open up and articulate my thoughts clearly. Furthermore, because all of the meetings were hosted on the web site Google Meet, I found it difficult to engage with others online. Taking on such a work is difficult due to the rigour of the IBDP, which does not allow for mistakes or late submissions, therefore it was critical that I maintain a healthy balance. And, because I had never studied BM before IBDP, I couldn’t turn my study into flawless replies in the context of BM. All I had was a bit of practical knowledge but this club was mainly based on the theoretical based discussions and arguments.

Learning outcome 5

Collaboration has always benefited me since I can present my views in a group assignment while remaining inside my comfort zone. However, because we went through all of the meetings as a team in this club, all of my peers appreciated my ideas and listened to what I had to say. What was also beneficial were my classmates and experts providing us with better perspectives, and listening to everyone is a really good aspect in our improved comprehension and growth on any issue. Being more open-minded, learning from other contexts, and recognising that we don’t always have the greatest ideas and that we can always learn better collaboration are all qualities that can be developed through collaborative work.

In conclusion, joining BM club was a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and collaboratively working with my peers from researching to debating. Balanced, inquirer, communicator, and open-minded are the learner profile traits I’ve gained during this journey. All of this is because to the club’s collaborative talks and teamwork. After joining this group, I was able to better manage my time between academics and extracurricular activities. The BM club provided me with a great opportunity to investigate a lot of topics, both practically and theoretically. It has exposed me to many different facets of the subject I am studying. Being an indication of being a ‘communicator’ is that it implies being ‘open-minded.’

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