CAS Experience ( WFBL )

WFBL (World Future Business Leaders) is a global educational initiative platform for business-minded high school students from around the world. It allows students to learn, compete, grow, and contribute to future innovation and economic success. I took part in it because I am interested by business activities all around the world, and entrepreneurs all over the world are coming up with unique ways to solve various challenges. Because my chosen career path is entrepreneurship, I was eager to test my prior knowledge of the subject. As a part of CAS, this experience would come under creativity.

Learning outcome 1

The WFBL offers four business subjects, and I had to take one of them. Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Management. Because I already had the essential expertise, I decided to put myself to the test for the Entrepreneurship exam. It was critical to understand my talents in this case so that I didn’t waste time on stuff I already knew. But regarding my weakness, the 94 page guide for the exam made me realize that there are various other things to learn and experience to get a better overview of the subject.

Learning outcome 2

The competition’s goal is to push you, therefore it won’t be easy. We, the students of the world, are in a competition. I saw it as an opportunity to strengthen my problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while also reviewing my existing business knowledge. The current mainstream business direction is represented in the WFBL competition course. It assisted me in putting my knowledge into practise and better understanding the abstract concepts of numerous business disciplines, which could be difficult at times. As previously stated, there were several things that I was unaware of; the difficult aspect was that I had to learn everything on my own.

As previously stated, there were several things that I was unaware of; the difficult aspect was that I had to learn everything on my own (All self study) Usually, we have attended for school exams, when the school faculty teachers assist us if we have any doubts regarding the subject. In this case, however, I had to conduct significant research when I came across something I didn’t recognise or understand. I wasn’t able to effectively develop time management because I had other schoolwork and assignments to complete. Next time, I’ll strive to better manage my time and create a schedule that will allow me to better manage my coursework.

Learning outcome 7

This has a significant impact on me . It assists each Business student in identifying their areas of development in order to acquire a stronger career position and greater understanding of BM concepts. This also aids universities and schools in comprehending our commitment to the subject.

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