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Hi, I am Tanisha Lakhani and I am 17 years old. At times I can be a little rebellious and unfledged like most teens out there, but I do manage to keep myself in check. I enjoy learning and exploring new things. Since a very young age I have been inclined towards sports and have tried many different ones until now. Not only playing different sports, I also enjoy watching them. Other than sports, I like watching tv shows, mostly humour. I watch shows from time to time as I have to balance it with my academics. I want to improve my time management skills as I tend to procrastinate quite often. 

I love listening to music, it helps me heal at times when I am down.I don’t necessarily look for a reason to listen to songs, they are just playing in the background when I am in my room doing other things like reading or studying . My taste in music is very diverse and what genre I listen to does depend on my mood. 

A prime issue that I am most concerned about is our planet earth and its wildlife. Many issues such as global warming and climate change are destroying earth and its habitat and this reality is very discomforting to me. 

As much as I like to socialize and meet new people,  I also require some time with myself. There are times when I don’t feel like going out and rather choose to stay in and enjoy my own company. It takes time for me to engage with new people and I can be very shy at first. I am a very practical person, meaning that I adapt to things quickly and I am very straightforward. I am not always driven by motivation but manier times driven by the fear of failure. 

One experience that tops my list of things I want to do before I die is skydiving. I have always been someone who loves adventures and has done many things such as paragliding and bungee jumping but skydiving still remains undone. In terms of learning new skills, I really want to learn skateboarding, it seems like the coolest thing and I would love to see myself skate one day.  

One thing I have learned from life is that everything is temporary. The pain, sadness, happiness, everything is just for a while and then life goes on and it is very important for us to enjoy every moment that we have in this world. You have to keep up even in the worst of times because the way I see it is, there is always a bright morning after a dark night and it keeps me going.

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