CAS experience-PYP exhibition session(C and S)

In this following CAS experience I helped two of the grade 6 students in their PYP exhibition by providing them information and answering their questions. Both the students had different topics one was adaptation of reptiles and the other was wildlife and species extinction. I made separate powerpoint presentations for both students to refer-during and after the session. This experience includes both creativity and service. I used my skills and tried making the presentation as creative and interactive as possible as both of them were probably 11-12 year olds and would want a presentation that is good to look at. This is also a service as I helped them understand the topic by investing my time into it and by putting in my efforts.

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

At the very beginning, when the form was shared for choosing the topic we could best provide help with to the students, I identified my strengths. I selected the topics I was most confident in and could help my juniors by providing some information. There were several different topics I selected, some were environment related and some were related to arts. I chose my area of excellence and waited upon the students to contact me. As their mentor reached out to me with the topics some students needed my help with, I had to revise them.  I did some research to sharpen my previous knowledge that I might have forgotten. Both the topics, Wildlife extinction and adaptation of species had been learnt by me back in grade 6 and 7 but I had to do some research to jog my memory. 

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process 

There was nothing indifferent about this experience but it came in between my mid term exams and that was the most challenging part. It was necessary for me to attend to these children as they also had a deadline over their head which cannot be further delayed. I did several presentations over the time of my student life but this was my first during an online meet, it did not exactly make me nervous but it did make me doubt my skills or my ability of will I be able to help the children understand the concept. And so I decided to make a powerpoint presentation to help them better and also help me deliver my presentation better. I never made such presentations before so this challenge helped me channel my inner creativity and organisation skills in making this ppt. 

LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

I recognised the needs of a couple of 12 years old and decided to shape my presentation in that way. Along with verbal communication I also made a powerpoint presentation for them to refer to even after the session. Instead of keeping it formal, I added a few images and visuals for them to look at and for them to be present in the session mentally while I am speaking. As the session was just for half an hour I could not plan any tuning-in activities but I did keep the slides short and simple with several bullet points. 

The ethical issue that was focused on being solved here was illiteracy. This experience was in alignment with SDG 4: Quality education where I shared my previously learned knowledge with students who could later help in educating others on this topic or on any topic for that matter. 

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