CAS- Trek


We, the students of grade 12 went on a trekking trip in Himachal Pradesh. We were 28 people, each person bringing in their light and joy to make this trip the most memorable one before we apart from our ways to college. It was a 9-day trip and we experienced the most breath-taking views after exhausting treks through the steeps of the hills.

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Trekking apart from the fun with friends is not an easy task. Trekking is a challenging task- the trek that we went to is known as the Triund Trek and although it was a moderate Trek, each one of us was glad to have made it to the top. It was exhausting, but going back wasn’t an option. Not only that, but small challenges like adapting to the cold weather, or adjusting to the type of bathrooms that were set in the freezing environment were something that one will only realize after experiencing it. Some of our girls, along with me, also got our period- which I believe is the most challenging task considering the types of bathrooms available or even the fact that we were on a trek. All of these challenges made us realize how capable and resilient we are for the unfamiliar obstacles in life.

LO5- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

Working with others has always been an easy task for me. I am an open-minded person and so it helps me with being flexible around others when needed. The trip had many instances where working together was a must rather than fun. In order to kill time, we played games like frisbee, football, cards, dumb charades, and many more. Not only that, but we supported each other while the trek- when someone didn’t feel good such as dizziness or nauseous, we were there to help them out. Working collaboratively is what made the trip easy.

Working collaboratively is an important life skill because wherever anyone goes, there will be a time where they have to work with others and not only rely on themselves. It is what helps determine how much a person can grow. However, in this Trek, working together was important in terms of safety.

To conclude, I enhanced being an open-minded, risk-taker, and balanced person. We went along with a group called Prayas, who benefitted from the profits of our trip. They would later use it for their purpose of doing good to the environment. The highlight of the experience was definitely when we reached the snow belt and played snow fight (later, our hands froze bad). There was no such learning, but the trip helped us become close to nature. Now, this makes us more conscious about our daily activities and our impact on the environment. Completing the trek provides a sense of pride, considering the exhaustion that was undertaken to do so. I wouldn’t change a thing- not even substitute one person on the trek or anything. The trip was perfect as it was.

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