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Hello, I’m Harsh Ramani, 17 year old student at Fountainhead school, Surat. My most cherished hobby would be reading books, mostly consisting of fantasy and science fiction genres. Reading books has always been a miracle in disguise to ease my stress for academic tests, besides reading books, I also love to watch political drama, in the form of tv series. My talents mostly relate to sports, as I have been in the volleyball and basketball teams. I have also participated in tournaments for those sports. I also enjoy attempting to mimic drawings from google, even though it is just copying it, it is rather fun and time consuming, making it a more interesting and worthwhile project to work on, due to this I would love to increase my perfection in drawing. I would say my outlook of life would be similar to watching a river flow, river flows in continuity no matter what comes across its way, it continues to flow in the same rhythm, and therefore we can see the obstacles that come into the path as objects that hold value, as they teach us lessons we wouldn’t have learnt without continuing to improve upon ourselves, as life’s greatest lessons are taught by pain. I wanna change the world’s system, where people who have committed heinous crimes are often only told to go to mental hospital, and often don’t have to suffer the cruel fate they had delivered on others, it is a very far-fetched dream but if I could make it a reality, I wouldn’t dare to blink an eye.

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