Everything You Need To Know About Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and often without warning. It is triggered by an electrical malfunction in the heart which causes an irregular heartbeat. With its pumping rhythm disrupted, the whole circulatory system is disrupted.

During a cardiac arrest a person feels sudden pain in the chest and might go unconscious and not be breathing normally as cardiac arrest affects all the vital organs including lungs(affects your respiratory system), brain(affecting your nervous system) and many others. Organs get affected by not receiving oxygen-rich blood. The person could die if not given treatment immediately.

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs without warning so it is rarely diagnosed prior to its happening. SCA often is diagnosed after it happens. Doctors do this by ruling out other causes of a person’s sudden collapse. But doctors can identify that if the patient has a heart condition using some diagnostic tests and procedures like echocardiography, EKG(electrocardiogram), MUGA test or cardiac MRI, Cardiac catheterization, Electrophysiology study and some blood tests.

Cardiac arrest can be treated using the device called Automated External

Defibrillator which can be used by untrained bystander and can be found in some public places shopping malls, golf courses, airports, airplanes and etc. AED are programmed in such way that its gives an electric shock if it detects a irregular heartbeat to bring it back to its normal pace. Some people feel that keep this device at home for emergency uses. If device is not available take the patient to the right hospital quickly.

  – Ethical Implication Of AEDs:

AEDs can be available at common places like airports, air planes, shopping mall so this increases the rate of survival of patient.

AED is portable so can be kept at home so this also increases the rate of survival of patient.

AED can be used by anyone so doesn’t need any expertise.

 – Economical Implications Of AEDs:

This can be considered cheap as it costs from around $1200 to $2500, this price is less as it can save a person life and have saved thousands already.

 – Social Implications Of AEDs:

It is very safe to use as if person goes unconscious and AED is used on him it will give electric impulse just if he has a irregular heart beat, not if he has gone unconscious for other reason.

Easy availability saves many lives as found at many social places.

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