The Vistosa Festival CAS Project- Creativity,Activity,Service

I wanted my cas project to appreciate talent and creativity, I wanted to create a place where I could show common public talents within the creative students of fountainhead school so I decided to partner with all the creativity art students of grade 12 , to showcase our creativity , we decided to host a public event that supports local home business, our event will have pop up stalls where they can display their product and promote their businesses , using our creativity we came up with many ideas to decorate our event , to make the event enjoyable for teenagers and adults we decided to invite musicians to play at the event and with all the time effort commitment and hard work we were able to organise a very successful flea festival. All the entry charges collected were donated to Andhjan Shikshan Mandal.
LO 1 Identify own strengths and develop areas for growthThis experience made me realise my strengths of collaboration and also made me realise that i am a perfectionist to some extend this was extremely  beneficial  for the event as i planned and stayed organised as much as i could but this took up a lot of my time and sometimes i failed to complete a priority task because of this, this experience made me realise the importance of letting go of my controlling behaviour and letting things work out on their own sometimes . But i also want to highlight that i was being a perfectionist for two reasons one being i wanted no trouble and wanted the event to be successful and the second being my controlling nature as a leader , i found it hard to give bigger tasks to my teammates as i like things done a certain way and i did not trust my teammates enough to assign them tasks , so if i do this event again i would make sure to select the people i trust and rely on and the type of people that would be experienced enough to manage tasks which requires leading roles.
LO 2  Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
Surprisingly booking the stalls was easier than expected the biggest challenge which no one in my team anticipated was the car parking and valet parking, the crowd we expected was 650 people per day but on day 1 itself the number crossed 1000 and the public rush outside was very difficult to handle on the spot we had to book more valet drivers and stop the entries into the event. This was so unexpected again to an extent this was a positive situation as we were getting more entries than we expected but i can say that controlling the traffic outside was one of the most difficult things i have ever done , i took help of all my close friends family and relatives at the event to control the crowd  , if i would this this again i would make sure to keep enough valet drivers.
LO 3  Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
When it goes to doing big tasks like this i am a very organised person, i would complete all the tasks with disciple and plan ahead to not get stressed later , the most difficult task for planning was to set deadline for stall bookings as many cancellations came along the was , it took us 3 months of consistent work to plan this project , in the 1st month we focused on marketing through instagram and worked on out event layout and decor , in the 2nd month we started with our stall bookings which extended till month 3 where we booked our musicians and singers , and mostly in the last two months we booked the security, bouncers , got our municipal permissions and finally we made the event possible  
LO 4 Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiencesGiven that i am a dedicated leader i stayed committed through this whole cas experience and tried my best to guide my teammates with the tasks assigned to them , i made sure that they stay consistent with finishing the tasks according to our schedule , and in case any tasks remain pending we made sure to finish that before adding new goals.

LO 5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
Vistosa definitely wouldn’t have come to life without team work , collaboration and coordination , this was very important for this event , i work well in a team and collaborating with other people and meeting new people was a very good experience for me , sometimes it was hard to communicate with my team because due to covid we were and regularly meeting online , our mode of communications were calls and text messages , this lead to a few misunderstandings but we still managed to clear out the doubts and do the necessary tasks.
LO 7 Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and action
All the money collected in this event was donated to Andhjan Shikshan Mandal. This act of service was very important to me as i believe that it is unethical for humans to undermine the disabled , i take pride in being creative and it is what makes me, vistosa is a spanish word which means colourful , my purpose of keeping this name for my event was to showcase my appreciation for art and creativity , it is a sad thing that blind people may never experience colours and donating to this school is just a small kind gesture , it is my personal believe that discriminating against the disabled is unethical and donating to this school was a small was of voicing my believes.


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