barista training #4

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Barista training programs teach students how to grind and brew coffee as well as prepare various coffee-based and other types of drinks. Some programs include instruction on various roasts, growing regions and grind types. My family is a stakeholder in one of the coffee producing company named KOKORO coffee. therefore, the main owner msr. Amit zorba, was kind enough to to make me go through the whole process of coffee making.

LO1- I am honestly a person who likes to learn and explore new fields of art, However black coffee is not my cup of tea. But during the lockdown, the period i really had no work and a lot of free time, therefore, i used that time to do barista training But when it comes to testing the flavors and different type of beans i really did not like drinking caffeine, the skills required was dedication and patients.

 LO2 and LO4 

The challenges I faced during this CAS experience were that I had classes in the afternoon until 2:30 and then had to go to the gym, so there was no time in between for anything else, but I also chose the course. As a result of all of this, I had to make some adjustments and changes to my routine. I rescheduled my tuitions and gym visits. I didn’t skip or change anything; rather, I was Committed and Consistent in everything I was doing or planned to do. Another challenge was that I had never tried my hand at making coffee before, and it was really not my thing, so it took a while to get the hang of it. But once I figured out how to do it, I was able to understand the flow and also really enjoyed, and also having an inspiring and understanding leaders helped me adapt to things faster.

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