parkinson’s disease !!!

who is parkin’s son ? , i am sure that’s what you are wondering well it is not son of anybody, this disease called parkinson’s is very harmful , doesn’t look like it , right ? , well this is a progressive disorder which affects the nerve cell in your brain , now brain is pretty complex there are so many parts and what are their function here is a image of brain -:

well right now we’ll understand about substantia nigra’s nerve cells ( neurons ) wait what is neurons ? , well neurons are responsible for sending and receiving messages in all over body by creating electric impulse which travel through neuron and that electric impulse is passed on to another neuron by neurotransmitters which travel through synaptic gap ( as electrical impulse cannot cross synapse) the neurotransmitters when reach another neuron the electrical impulse is created their ,well here is a picture for your understanding -:

well lets not shift from the topic so the nerve cells in the substantia nigra produce dopamine which is a neurotransmitter and it is used to pass on messages to control body movement so for some unknown reasons the dopamine producing nerve cells starts to die in the brain after 80 % of domaine producing cells die the symptoms of parkinson’s are pretty easily seen the symptoms of parkinson’s disease (PD) are

  • tremor – limbs shaking like fingers and hands
  • slow movement – the patient might move slow
  • loss of autonomic movement – the patient may lose ability unconscious movements like blinking ,smiling , etc.
  • speaking problems – you might notice change in the patient’s speech
  • writing problems – you might notice change in the patient’s writing

in advanced PD patients can’t even talk or walk they might need assistance .

so how do the doctors diagnose PD well the medical symptoms of PD are similar to many disease so 1 test is not enough , there needs to be a proper diagnosis from your physician as well ,

PD also affects other systems in your body like digestive system 

well it is noticed in Parkinson’s disease that patients usually suffer from abdominal pain and constipation

what are the medications for PD ? well there are many drugs and steroids that boost the dopamine production in your body these can be used individually or in combinations depending the level of the disease like

  1. Block the action of the neurotransmitter glutamate, which allows for an increase in dopamine release. This drug is amantadine (Symmetrel).
  2. Conserve dopamine in the brain by blocking the breakdown action of MAO-B. These drugs are selegiline (Eldepryl, Zelapar) and rasagiline (Azilect), which are also neuroprotective and can slow disease progression.

sometimes some medication can also another disease in the patients body

implication of using scientific advancements to cure the disease –

ethical-   it is not ethical to take drugs and survive as some of the drugs can cause other diseases as well and so to survive on drugs is not at all ethical because it gives temporary cure and after that you might end up with Parkinson’s and some other disease as well

Social – the person can be more social after taking the drugs or medication as this temporarily cures him and so he can have some joy in his life as well as he can socially be connected to his family and friends which might motivate him in this disease

economical – Symmetrel average retail price is $75.35.and so this drug is to be taken daily , the cure is so expensive it is very difficult to cure or sustain in such disease .

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