CAS reflection 1# Cross fitness training.

I started cross fitness training as my CAS experience, which is an high intensity interval training, which advances 6 different element of the body, muscle power, endurance, cardio, strength, flexibility, and body composition. My essential aim was to enhance my power and restore strength as an athlete for a better performance. Along with the exercise i also followed a prescribed diet. I started the experience in August 2020 till the start of October 2020. Before starting the 2 month training i took a BMI test (Body Mass Index) which indicated the body data, the test provides me with the improvements that need to be taken place, and after completing the training i again took the test to see the change, as mentioned below.

Learning outcome 2: the most challenging was to multi-task, and balance out the extracurriculars with academic, as i had the school work and submission and the training in the evening, not of the time i used to get very lazy and tired to attend the session, and i had to push myself and try feel motivated during those days. Other thing that i felt was challenging was to prevent myself from eating things outside the diet, because some days i would get really hungry and grab a bit from anythings and then after realize i did not had to, and then after i remember be more committed towards the experience. i have not really done anything similar to this experience, i have attend the two activities separately, like done individual trainings in sports and have had prescribed medical diets before, not done both the things together. i feel great after the experience, i feel more motivated and confident, it was really important to undertake the following experience because, due to this pandemic we have been inside the house for more then 5 month, absolutely no physical movements or health care, as being an athlete it was really heartbreaking to lose all the strength, therefore to restore it all back i had to get on track with intensive routine, which would help me build up my body. The experience/skill can help me in future, as being physically fit and active and reduce 30 percent of death chances, which can ultimately result in a more peaceful and pleasant lifestyle. on the other hand cultivating a new skill can help build hobby and passion, also helps add on great memories.

Learning outcome 4: The most difficult part of the activity was the cardio and endurance training, as i did not really enjoy it and it was very extensive for me as my endurance being so low, and the activity was done after a long break, this made me feel weaker. The primary commitments were to never miss a day, daily workout except sundays, no eating outside the prescribed diet, and not being lousy during the sessions. It was not to quite easy to commit to the things, as i absolutely enjoy physical activities, but in the case of diet, sometime it did get off tract but did not leave, but was persistent throughout. I believe that being persistent and setting commitment are important for focus and never lose track, also for constant growth rate.

Final take away: throughout the activity i developed open-minded, by trying and experiencing different part of fitness (even the part we don’t enjoy), reflective–to understand the impact of a particular exercise, balanced– to manage academics with extracurricular, and principled– to always show up for the session and never be late, and to stay on track with the diet. the highlight of the experience was the remarkable change in my body, the showcase of the hard work. The activity brought a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment to me at the end. i would make no changes in the following activity. i would make a contribution to the society by motivative to live a more fit life and stay physically active.

Heer Viradiya
Gr-11 pansophy

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