CAS Experience [Learning Guitar]

My first activity was learning to play guitar. I learnt it from one of my friend who has been playing it since 6 years. I was very excited in the beginning as I was going to explore a new music instrument for the first time. I started with some theory about the physical features of the guitar, various chords and strings. Then it was hands-on time, firstly I thought it would be very easy to play it, just a few chords to keep in mind and nothing else. Gradually, my friend taught me how to hold the instrument, what fingers to use while changing chords, changing the tuning of the instrument etc. It was a very great experience, the soothing sounds the strings made get hyped up with the tunes.

Learning outcome 1

Before trying my hands on guitar, I used to think it would be a very easy instrument to play but as soon as I went into depth I explored many things which I wasn’t aware of. I was very much able to try and make basic tunes of my own, change the tuning accurately and also hold the instrument accurately. These were all the strengths but the main weakness was my finger shape. They are not too tall and also thicker than normal, this made it difficult to hold and shift chords while playing guitar. Although due to my finger size it was difficult to play in the starting but gradually I got used to it and overcame it by just doing stretching exercise to make my palm and fingers flexible so that it can help me play guitar smoothly.

Learning outcome 2

The most difficult part was understanding the tunes of different chords and shifting the chords in between the music because of my finger size. In the beginning I thought it would be impossible to learn but then my friend explained everything to me so well that it became way too easy. This was the first time I explored a string instrument and that is why it was difficult for me to learn. All this challenge allowed me to learn that everything you do, you always have to be focused and keep practising to become better and better in it. My friends always pushed me to practise more and more to get on track. Things take time, you always have to make time and practise. These are the two lines I can connect to my experience. I feel super happy to have experienced this challenge because it helped me explore a new music instrument and always exploring helps you choose your new hobby and find your hidden talent. I feel that challenges make me stronger and gives me enough experience and confidence to take part in various activities.


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