WFBL Competition

The World’s Future Business Leaders (WFBL) Competition is an international education initiative and platform for students like us worldwide, who are interested in business. WFBL gave us the opportunity to learn, to compete, to grow and to lead future innovation and economic development. 

LO1 = Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth 

During the WBFL Competition, develop strengths in different fields like Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Management etc.. The competition helped me learn different skills and helped me in the decision making of which field I want to pursue. During the quiz competition, I came across many topics, which I didn’t know about. Then after the quiz competition, i researched about the topic i didn’t know and got an insight on it. I learnt many new things in the field of marketing and got to learn many new terms of it too.

LO2 = Demonstrate the challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process 

The WFBL Competition was a quiz 100 questions, the quiz was challenging as the concept of marketing and the types of questions asked in the quiz was a little unfamiliar that types the quiz was challenging and I haven’t attempted these kind of quiz before, which gave me a insight and made me learn a lot of new things. The new insight the quiz gave me would be helpful for me in the future as I want to pursue business management as my field of study in future, so WFBL quiz helped me gain new knowledge on it. 

Lastly, to conclude the WFBL quiz helped me develop learner profiles Knowledgeable & Reflective, Knowledgeable because the WFBL quiz is related to 1 of my subject Business management, due to the knowledge of the subject I was able to perform well and attempt the quiz. Reflective because after the quiz I came across many new concepts and terms used in the business management field, so after the quiz I reflected on my knowledge and researched more about the things which were new to me and developed my knowledge on the topic more. This experience will help me in future, whenever I do any kind of business the marketing knowledge will help me grow my business. 

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