Watering Plants

During the Global Pandemic, our Gardener had gone to his village, due to the absence of gardener my house plants were started getting rot and dried, so as my moral responsibility I thought to take care of them until my Gardener returns, so I use to fill buckets of water and use to water all the plants at my house

LO 2 = Demonstrate the challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process 

There were few challenges I came across during these experience, one of which was once I filled my bucket, I could easily water 5-6 plants, but later I had to refill the bucket and due to my house lawn been big (100m length and 50m wide), I had to go multiple times to refill the bucket and sometimes It was very tiring. The second challenge I faced was getting exhausted in high temperatures of the sun as I had to refill the bucket multiple times I used to get really exhausted and sometimes while lifting the bucket my bucket used to fall down because of me getting stressed out in high temperature, sometimes the high temperature even leads to severe headaches. The other challenge I faced was spoiling up my clothes, as I used to water all the plants in my house lawn sometimes my clothes used to get spoiled really bad and I frequently used to face bug problems. But to overcome these challenges I had taken the commitment to water plants daily and I use charge myself thinking the way we humans need food every day to be alive, plants need water every day. A skill I learnt through this experience is being more sympathetic & responsible, and this skill will also help me in future as when I start working, I will be having lots of responsibility and being sympathetic will surely come in handy. 

LO 6= Demonstrate engagement with issues of Global Significance 

Due to the rising Environmental issues increasing day by day, I think we should take care of the environment and the plants near us. The reason why we are alive is the nature and environment around us, watering plants and taking care of them are few of the small steps we can take to have a healthy environment around us. 

Lastly, the learner profile attributes I developed during the experience is caring, as I was taking care of all the plants in my house lawn by watering them daily. These activities brought a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment to me, as I accomplished having a green healthy environment around me and I enjoyed watering plants. 

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