I’ve been cycling regularly since I was ten years old. However currently, I am not able to give much time to it. My highest distance covered was sixty kilometers, but I improved over it by cycling for one hundred kilometers. The journey started from Anuvrat Dwar and ended in Vansda National Park.

I was not able to find any strengths or weaknesses during the beginning of the journey. However, cycling that kind of distance without any prior workout sessions took a toll on my body as for about one week, my thighs were sore. I regretted not working out beforehand.

The journey itself was challenging, an immense amount of stamina was needed in order to finish a hundred kilometers. I had done sixty kilometers before, but that was nothing compared to this. There was only one way I could overcome this challenge and that was not giving up. I feel really great that I have completed a hundred kilometers. This activity helped me learn more about persistence. Undertaking new challenges make you learn new skills, and by gaining more skills, you grow.

This activity was difficult as, after the thirty-kilometer mark, persistence was necessary at every point, or else I wouldn’t be able to complete the journey. The only commitment which was required for this activity was to never give up. Activities like this help people learn more about persistence and commitment as it helps reach us higher steps in our lives.


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