My CAS activity was to learn how to play the Mouth Organ or Harmonica. I demonstrated my creativity while doing so. As I know how to play the Piano, an accompanying instrument would benefit me as well.
A Mouth Organ is a very portable instrument, also, it is an instrument I can play simultaneously while playing the Piano.

I decided to learn the song known as Piano Man by Billy Joel, as it included both instruments very prominently, and as it was a very difficult song to play on the piano as well as the harmonica. As it was a difficult song, I took it as a challenge to learn it.

Identifying my strengths and weakness was a quick task, the only weakness I could find is that I couldn’t play the harmonica for too long as I felt exhausted after a while. My strengths would be that as I already know how to play the piano, I could easily figure out the theory behind the mouth organ, as it was much simpler than the piano or any other instrument. Becoming aware of my strengths and weaknesses, helped me to overcome them. If one is aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses, one can assess a situation much better than the people who arent aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Learning anything new is challenging at first, especially when it comes to musical instruments. I found harmonica challenging as learning a new instrument is always challenging. I have learned the piano, but it took a lot more time as it is much more tougher than learning the harmonica. Undertaking new challenges is helpful as you learn a lot of new skills which you thought you could never learn, and learning new skills increases one’s ability to contribute in something. Learning the harmonica could be of use in the future as it is very handy, and could be played at anytime and anywhere.

This activity demanded perseverance as I couldn’t give up after I reached a stage of learning it. I committed to be precise and to use efficient amount of air while playing it, so that I could increase the duration of playing it. Showing persistence is necessary as if you give up, you do not learn anything and just waste your time.

The main highlight of this experience was learning the theory about the harmonica, as initially, I thought that all musical instruments have the same theory, but now I know that every instrument has different theories, and that to me was interesting.

The main Learner Profile Attribute I demonstrated in this activity was Balanced, as learning more instruments mean that I have more productive time besides academics.



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