beach cleaning

Beach cleaning 

I decided to clean the local  beach (dumas beach ) for four consecutive Sundays , reason why cleaning beach and spreading awareness about the same is important because of our human  carelessness about treating the waste while we visit the beach to enjoy ,  over past few years many sea life are affected due to the waste we throw ,   by cleaning the beach we can make sure that our sea life is safe ,  it also helped in achieving SDG ike sustainable cities and communities life on land ,

Learning outcomes achieved   –  LO2    LO6             LO7 


These experience was a big challenge for me as i decided to clean the  beach on early morning as during that time the beach usually is less crowded compared to other times of the day , as it is the time of coronavirus , it is better to take as much precautions we can take 

,  waking up early was a challenge for me and I also used to feel lazy ,  the other challenge which  I faced was  the immense heat , such heat made it difficult for me  to clean the beach  ,   the other challenge which i faced was people were still littering the beach , cleaning the beach is just a temporary solution as people were still not aware , to overcome these problem i decided to spread awareness about the same to other people who were there on beach and the ones who were littering the beach and also persuaded them to pick up the  trash ,  I used my communication and leadership skills in order to spread awareness about keeping our beach clean to other people present at the beach , I maintained social distancing all the time so I don’t get infected with coronavirus


As there was a lot of trash lying on the beach(mostly plastic bags , bottles etc. ) which was supposed to be in trash can ,  since plastic is non biodegradable it is harmful for the environment it stays there for years if it is not picked up ,  many animals accidentally consume the plastic which  affects their health   

The global issues connected to this experience were cleanliness , life on land , sustainable cities and communities , sanitization , by doing these CAS experience i contributed to these global issues ,  it is our responsibility to save the environment and also to spread awareness about it to others ,by doing these experience 


After completing the activity i realized that i have only done the first step for the global issue as millions of people and animals are affected due to these garbage , it leads to water contamination,  extinction of animals , which ultimately affects the life cycle , hence it is important do as much we can do to save the environment , spreading awareness about the same is important so there is a betterment at a very large state , it is important for us to change the behaviour of people about throwing the garbage 

, the ethical decision which i had to make was whether I should  go to the beach as the pandemic is going on and i might get contact with covid virus , which would also impact my family and people around me , however i decided that i will follow all the safety guidelines for the prevention , i also decided to go during early morning as there would be less people during that time so that i would be able to maintain social distancing properly , 

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