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Learning French -:

Learning a new language is not an easy thing. But I like facing challenges and learning new languages. After this lockdown and Covid-19 happened I had a lot of time and Only things that learning a language needs is time and your coordination and cooperation. During Lock-Down I got out of my enjoyment zone and started taking French classes. I took french from an Ex IBDP french teacher. She used to teach in our school to my seniors So I knew that I can’t find someone more trusted and better than her. It was very interesting because I had interactive classes with a teacher that helped me improve my Words, Sentences and Pronunciation. We had worksheets while studying also we had discussions and doubt solving sessions twice or thrice in a class. This all helped me get a very good knowledge of French as a Language -: For eg, Merci de m’avoir raccompagné. means Thank You for taking me home.


While I was learning this Language I got to know about my Strengths and Weakness while learning a language. My Strengths were that I was very clear with the alphabets because the alphabets were matching with english. I easily used to remember them and write them. When it came to the writing part of my classes I was doing very good and I was constantly improving. My weakness that I found was that I was not very clear with the pronunciation during the learning. I easily got confused and mispronounced the words and because of all that I got many of my sentences wrong because a wrong pronunciation changed the meaning of the whole sentence. To overcome my weakness I used to refer to the recording of my session. 


The challenges I used to face while my classes were of pronunciation and was of not knowing the teacher thoroughly. To overcome my first challenge I used to listen to my class recording everyday after the class at the point where I was wrong in pronunciation and at the point where I corrected my pronunciation. And to overcome my 2nd challenge I had to get a teacher I know so I went around with my friends and contacts and one of the teachers I found out was an ex teacher from our school and I knew who she was and knew about her capabilities about if she can teach me or not. Overcoming my weakness allowed me to develop my Communication, Research and thinking skills. 


To learn this Language I had to give around an Hour to French almost daily and Giving an Hour a day to a new language is not Very Easy. I had to make a whole timetable about how I am going to complete my Classes, my Homework , my preparation for the term Exams and French Classes. The timetable had to be an Organised and Easily Understandable one because It’s the one that is going to help me throughout my learning journey and also something that will Improve my Time-Management Skills.Doing all this planning had a great Impact in my learning because I was managing the things very well but their were somethings that I wasn’t able to handle and they were surprise extra work because I didn’t had any time left.


The time I took to learn French was a lot and I had already committed to Regular and at-least give around an hour a day to French. It was very hard for me to do that because my exams were coming and I had to give time to other subjects too and because of all that I had to skip my class once every few days because all my work would pile up but French taught me how to be consistent and committed towards something. And also being committed helped me improve my time management skills because if I want to be consistent and committed while learning french It’ll mean that I’ll have less time for other subjects and I had to make a time-table for them and arrange it in away that I can utilise my time and not waste it. 

Final Takeaways -:

It was a good experience Learning french because this was one of the 1st languages that I learned without Curriculum and also the First language I was not taught physically rather I learned it online. It was an amazing experience learning a language out of Curriculum. 

The outcomes that I can count after this are -:

  1. I now know a new language that I didn’t know before 3 months ago. 
  2. I got to know the importance of Consistency and Commitment. 
  3. I improved on my Time Management skills. 
  4. I understood that it’s not very easy to learn a new language and you have to be very cooperative and committed. 
  5. I am now good at pronouncing different french words.

Evidence -:

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