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I live in a city where there is no shortage of beaches and also originally being from north india where we didn’t even have rivers very close to us. I liked and loved beaches more than the locals. I used to go to Dumas beach twice a month to enjoy the cool breeze and tides. I used to find it very relaxing and refreshing because we can relax there or do activities there or we can even enjoy suites favorite little breakfast there but there was one thing on the beach that used to annoy me and that was the plastic waste and disposal cutlery that people used and threw around the beach. When this wasn’t enough once I visited the beach during the high tide times and they stopped us to go near water but there was something I observed and it was that the piles of plastic and disposal kept around there was being taken in by the water because of the tides and I thought that it is not a good thing so I decided to visit the beach myself and clean it as much as I can. 


To initiate this as a CAS experience the first thing I had to do was to get myself a partner and I did that by calling my friends in the first place and I found someone who was willing to come with me for the cleaning and the next and last thing I had to do was to confirm and re-check about the entries on dumas beach, because the covid cases in the city were rising and I knew people who came back from dumas just because police didn’t allow the to go ahead so I contacted some people who were regular visitor dumas beach and confirmed with the that beach is only closed on Saturdays and Sundays so we went there on Monday and Did our work. This was all it took me to initiate my CAS.


Working collaboratively is easy for me and I like it. But this time it was different because we weren’t working on this as a team but we were only two people but then also I had a little problem and that was because of my time management skills and It was that I was working on IO’s the night before this CAS and because of that I was slept late around like 1:00-1:30 and I had to wake up at 5:30 because I wanted to get ready and be there by 6:30 and I had a word with my friend that we’ll be ready by 6:20 and then we’ll leave but I was not at time and I was late for around 25 minutes but that didn’t affect my work. But because I was working with someone else I had to value his time and principles because he was on time and I had to improve my skills and way of working with others in times I am not comfortable to work. 


The mail Global issue that made me pursue this CAS was increasing aquatic pollution and I thought that I am not a team or so but I as an Individual should do something to stop it and what I did was that I went to the beach at the morning peak time while people are having breakfast their I did two things at once and they were -: 1. I cleaned the beach and it was a good day for me because the water was way farther than normal days and the plastic and Cutlery was lying on the shore itself so I cleaned them 2. While I was cleaning people were observing me and as much as I knew I would’ve made them think and throw their garbage in bins and trolleys around there. Knowing about the global issue helped me because if I didn’t know about this then I would’ve never thought about cleaning the beach.


While doing this there were a lot of ethical choices involved and they actually didn’t make a lot of difference in the end but they had their consequences. Like I was forced to use Plastic Bags to collect the trash around the beach because whenI searched around my market I was told that the only thing I can use to collect trash is a plastic bag and it had its consequences like it won’t degrade very easily but I couldn’t do anything and the other was that I had to take my mask off in Public while doing this because I was very tired and was exhausted but I knew that Covid-19 is on hike again and I can have consequences like being  infected or being fined by Police for doing what I did but in the end everything went well because I was not fined nor I have any symptoms of the virus and also while I was going to throw those bags in the bin I saw a SMC worker who was too cleaning the beach and he took the bags from me thru the trash in a trolley and said that he’ll reuse the bags until they can be used.

Final Takeaways -: I enjoyed a lot doing this activity because after doing this activity I had a another level of satisfaction because I always thought of doing a beach cleaning but wasn’t able get a motivation to do that but CAS did that. I enhanced my time-management skills a lot (Actually a lot more than others) andI know for sure that will help me the future.

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