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“Junior CEO” was a course introduced by IIM Rohtak and Clever Harvey. It was a course based on teaching young minds about Entrepreneurship and Roles of different teams in a Company. It was a 10 day online course where we had classes from monday to Friday for 2 weeks. In every class we learnt something new about working for a company and from the starting we were grouped into 2 and were told that we’ll have to pitch our company’s idea after 10 days of this course. We were a team of 3 people from around india and by chance we all had good height and we had problems finding clothes that fit us without any flaws so we decided to pitch our brand as -:  “Our brand is A Designer Clothing brand for Heighten and Plus size with an App that allows our customers to try out clothes virtually and know if it’s a good choice for them.” 

LO1 -: 

While I was doing this 10 day course I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses while doing a course. My strengths were that I was good with communications after my past CAS experience as I was easily able to  be friends with people in my batch and was easily able to connect and was able to have a good conversation with my mentors and Relationship manager of the course. I also had good Research skills as I was able to research about and note down about (1. Key : Partners,Activities,Resources 2. Cost Structure 3. Customer Relationship 4. Channels of Advertisement 5. Revenue Streams and Customer Segment ). My other strength that I recognized was that I was able to understand the work of a CEO and how a  business works very easily. My weakness that I was able to recognize was that I had fear while pitching and had a sought of stage fear because when I was having my Mock pitching I was fumbling and was sweating so I had to practice my pitch  again and again I gave my pitch in front of my partners my family and my friends. Now that I had done the pitching I think that I overcame my weakness of stage fear and now I feel very good about it. 

LO2 and LO4 

The challenges I faced during this CAS experience was that I had classes during the afternoon time till 2:30 and then I had my maths tuition and then I had to go to gym so I had no time left in between for anything else but then also I opted for the course. So because of all this I had to make some alternation and changes in my routine. I changed my timing for the tuitions and gym. I didn’t skipped or altered anything I rather was Committed and Consistent for everything I was doing or was planning to do. Another challenge that I faced was that I had to be involved in Phycology and Accounts to pitch our idea better as We’ll have to give them numbers while pitching and we have to use psychology to manipulate the investors and also to bring customers to us. While doing all this I learnt Self-Management skills whenever I was making timetables and schedules.


It’s easy for me to work as a team or to work in a group. I think that I am a perfect fit for a team project because of my good communication skills. I try taking part in every group activity in our grade. I also try to be part of every club that I can be. I think that my strengths while working in a group is that I am good whenever I am dividing work among the group. But this was also the only problem that I faced while working in a group this time is that I didn’t know what strengths other people had and what schedule they had so I was not able to match their energy of Work and and their speed and level of work they would’ve handled. So I had extra after class meeting with them in the night to know what they’ll be happy to doi because After some research I came to know that people will do the best they’ll like so I did the same and my building a business idea for my team was smooth as silk. 


We were working on an Idea that helps the environment and made a huge environmental impact. We studied that “Clothing industry makes more pollution than you think and reuse less clothes than you can imagine. Globally Around 34.8% of micro plastic pollution is sourced from the Textile Industry.” We had an idea that our company will make clothes using thrift clothes and Organic Cloth material. We knew that all this would not make an Impact now but we can start it and we can make a small difference from others and Once we’ll do it we can make others do that. Also the customer segment our company was targeting had a lot of customers so eventually it would have made a global impact by reducing the microplastic pollution from the textile industry.

Final Takeaways -: This was one of my most amazing decision because during this activity I gained a lot of new knowledge as well enhanced my skills like Communication skills, Presentation/Pitching Skills/ Planning skills and many other. I learnt a lot about business, entrepreneurship and works of a CEO, This was so helpful for me because I plan to do start business of my own in future and I came to know a lot of things that I wouldn’t have gained from books like -: 1. Key : Partners,Activities,Resources 2. Cost Structure 3. Customer Relationship 4. Channels of Advertisement 5. Revenue Streams and Customer Segment.


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