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I was not very active during the lockdown and the Covid-19 situation and because of all this I was gaining on my weight because all I did was to be at home and do nothing and all this making me more and more worried about my health and fitness. So as soon as the country was in some sought of unlock situation I thought of doing something that I can do alone and do it without any one else’s contact. I thought of doing Cycling to keep myself fit and improve my stamina for physical exercise. So I started with 7km’s a day and ended up doing around 35 km a day and as I thought I was doing good but I wasn’t because suddenly cycling a lot made my health go down and I encountered some problems because of it. 


While starting the cycling experience I encountered my Strengths and Weakness. My strengths were that I was good at cycling and was able to do as much cycling I want at a time and this helped me do more and more cycling daily. But weakness at first was the traffic and then it was the pain I was encountering. I resolved both of them by just roaming around the city and then by luck I found out that the government has made a 4 km single side track where you can go in the evening to cycle and for the pain the more cycling I did the less pain I had. 


There were many challenges and difficulties that I was facing during this period. During the first few days when I was on the roads doing the cycling I was not able to maintain a constant speed because I had speeding cars around me and then there were street dogs that constantly chased me and made me ride more rashly. I also suffered a few Injuries because of Cycling like I was increasing my cycling distance very rapidly and it made my nerves go haywire and they stopped working for my right hand and then I wasn’t able to do anything with my right hand. 

But I overcame the challenges one-by-one like for the traffic and street dogs I found a track where they had barricades wich stopped cars and dogs to come in and disturb any of the cyclist and for the Injuries I went to doctors all around like I went to around 10 doctors and they were not able to help me but then I found a doctor in Chandigarh who helped me but as well stopped any of my physical activity because (He stated that I has stimulated my nerves and Brain because of heavy physical exercise and caffeine)


As everyone knows that cycling is a very tiring activity and requires a lot of physical effort and stamina and they require commitment and consistency to be maintained and increased. As also stated above that I was facing having pains and to resolve them I had to be consistent because as soon as I was consistent my muscles became strong and were not paying as much as they used to. 

Also cycling required me to consistent because I did cycling to get fit and If I wanted to get fit I had to do around 15 to 20 km daily cycling and they day I started I did 7km and I was not very happy with it so I thought that I will be more consistent because as I did cycling for a week I was able to hit the 15 km mark. Also If i’ll not be committed I’ll never be able to increase my stamina because occasional cycling will not help me increase my stamina. Therefore commitment and consistency was very valuable and was very needed for me.

Final Takeaways

I enjoyed this activity a lot and was very happy with my performance. Though this activity in the end wasn’t very good for my body because due to this I was under a lot of medication and all that ruined everything that I was able to do. 

After doing this experience I had a lot of takeaways like -:

 I was committed and was consistency

I was reflective because I was reflecting upon my past performance and was improving upon it. 

I saw a significant change in my performance.

I learnt about how we should not do anything more than our body allows  because it harms us. 

Evidence -:

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