BM Club -: Creativity


While being part of the BM club I was able to identify my Strengths and Weakness. My Strengths were that I am having interest in BM and it helped me taking part in the conversation between our groups and with our guest and because of that I was able to enhance my communication skills.Whereas my weakness that Identified was that I was not good at time management because I had a lot of work and no time to do it.


The part that I found was most challenging about the club was that we didn’t had this club before in our school and I didn’t knew anything about the club and the cherry on top with this was that we were having our session online and were not physically meeting anyone and this was making the session less interactive and I overcame this challenge by trusting the people who organised and managed this club and trusting the guest who were taking the session. After this experience I acquired a lot of new skills related to BM like how does Psychology affect e-commerce, Personal Finance and Ethics about business.


As stated in the reflection before that I like working with people and I am good with that. But this time this experience was way more interesting because the people I was working with were also interested in BM and whenever we used to discuss something we had a healthy debate and it helped me get more and more knowledge about something that I like.

Final Takeaways -:

This was experience was very informative and interactive. I am glad that I took part in it without any overthinking.

  1. I gained a lot more knowledge about something that I like that I won’t be getting on the Class or by Curriculum.
  2. I saw significant improvement in my knowledge.
  3. I enhanced my Time management skills.

Evidence -:

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