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i enjoy debating and i have curiosity to acquire the knowledge spread across the globe which is one of the reason why i’ve joined debate , secondly i’m considering taking law as a profession, therefore. i’ve been part of this for approximately 3-4 months, i loved it to my core . Never have i ever regretted joining this club although it’s taxing as to add it in a tight diploma programme schedule , but all debates and all the discussions i’ve taken part in are totally worth the time and effort. every debate would lead to some new debate and every discussion would lead to some concrete decision, dacac is a great club if i could recommend it , i would.


CREATIVITY- improves debating skills

ACTIVITY:- debating is an activity

SERVICE:- dacac plans to upload videos of our debates , thus spreading informative debates.


LO1- i identified my strength , i developed and strengthened my debating skills.

LO2- being a new student to the school , it is an challenge to get along with everyone , to show that you are no push over and to show that you are what you tell them . so yeah i feel all this was a challenge for me. about developing new skills , i’ve never been a part of any debate before dacac so i believe debating is the new skill i’ve inculcated.

LO3:- i always had this desire to be part of some high school clubs and debate club seemed perfect start to it , so i planned to do something about , hence i gave an interview which decided if i was fit to be a part of this club.

LO4:- there’s no better way of showing your commitment than showing your attendance and results of the sessions held, i’ve played pretty good role of a member hence, i’ve received a green flag from our cas supervisor.

LO5:- my skill is that i’ve a good command at my speech , it kinda gives me a head start in debating . so collaborating my skill and this club’s purpose is a perfect match.

LO6:- we as a community discuss about global affairs and ways to improvise it , discuss what should be done and what shouldn’t be done. this ritual of ours helps to engage in some serious global issues and lets our thinking radius expand in terms of reality.

LO7:- being updated with stories of both the sides helps us in making a decision in terms of morally right , and debate is all about two sides stating facts , so directly or indirectly this makes a person morally aware about surroundings.


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