Organise a basketball tournament- CAS project.

i all by myself organised a basketball tournament at bhagwan mahavir college , i had total 100 entries but had to cut short to 56 due to covid situations and league matches therefore i had organised a league tournament between 8 teams , draft based and NBA rules . i had called a coach to be the referee , i even got sponsor for my tournament . decathlon sponsored my tournament.


Creativity- there are very less 5v5 tournaments held in surat and based on auctions so i believe the idea of placing auction based teams was a creative approach to make this tournament stand out.

Activity- played basketball

Service – gave every basketball player a wonderful chance to get back on court and test their skills after a huge break due to pandemic.


LO1- the strength i realised i have is the strength of speaking and convincing people which is rare and due to this project i had to communicate to a lot of people to make it come through i had to be confident and convincing .

LO2- accommodating 50+ people in one court, setting their matches , making them play in order, make them fill their team sheets , to find banner , to find referee, to find sponsors , to convince them to sponsor you, i could go on , the point i am making here is that for one person to make this event come through was a challenge.

LO3- i was going through my phone and it struck me that i’m doing nothing and it freaked me out because in this lockdown that feeling wasn’t new so i decided to come up with tournament which would make me run pillar ot the post and that day i took the first step , i posted on my social media handle about it and got an awesome response so took this forward .

LO4- evidence is the only way to show , how committed i was to my project.

LO5- i realised organising this project was solely based on how good i was on communicating skills , the benefit turned out to be monetary.

LO7- every choice i made in this was ethically at best , i provided the best while keeping my applicant’s best interest at heart.



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