Learning Italian- creativity

Learning something new is always exciting, and I always wanted to learn a new language, so I decided to learn the basics of Italian through Duolingo.
Learning Outcomes 1,2,3,4
L1: When I initially started learning this language on Duolingo, it was easy for me to understand terms and words, and I was able to complete the daily quizzes. But as I got to a higher level where I had to translate/write phrases, it was difficult for me to score on the daily quiz. I analyzed my mistakes in the quizzes and went through the answers/tips provided by the Duolingo app. That helped me move to the next level without any difficulty.
L2: The challenge that I faced while learning this language is that it was difficult for me to translate English phrases into Italian. I tried to go over the same level again and watched youtube videos to have a better understanding. I would spend more time working on some concepts that were unclear to me and took the daily quiz to see if the extra effort was helpful or not. But day by day, I could see an improvement.
L3&4: As I was learning this language through an app, I had to be proactive and set timers so that I could achieve the goal of ‘learning at least 20-30mins daily’. But at some point, it got difficult for me to manage time because of school assignments and other activities, due to that, I lost track of achieving the minimum requirement. So I decided to compensate it on Saturdays and Sundays. This way I was able to get back on track. Through this, I was consistent and was able to finish the set target.
I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished this experience. Throughout this experience, not only did I learn the language but, I also developed the characteristic of being principled and balanced.

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