CAS – Cooking

Strands Catered : Creativity and Service

One day, I went into the kitchen to find some chocolates:) but what I saw was that there were many small pieces of unconsumed chocolates which no one liked to eat and would go into the dustbin in some time. I really felt very bad that those will go in the waste. So I came up with a Creative idea to make new customised chocolates out of them.

LO 2: Demonstrate that they have undertaken challenges, developing new skills in the process. 

The Challenges I Faced during this experience was to come up with such an idea, I though a-lot of different ideas to reuse these small pieces of chocolates, and then finally came up with final idea of making new chocolates out of them, First I thought to simply give them to poor people, but my heart didn’t allow me to do so, how can we give them used leftover chocolates!. Furthermore, I also didn’t know the process of making new chocolates from the old ones, so I searched through the net and found various videos which helped me but they also needed a mould for the chocolates which i didn’t have, and because of which I had to buy them from a store. Working with the stove was also a challenge for me, as I was afraid of hot utensils as in the past I have faced a burn while making a dish. My mother’s supervision and motivation provided me with the confidence to make the chocolates.  

LO 3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience.

In the process of making the Chocolates, there were a certain steps needed to be followed, For which first I had to plan and follow the recipe. I also required a certain objects which I had to collect. This recipe looked easy but was time consuming, so on a working day, I had to take out time and complete this.

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

Waste management is one the biggest issues of our times. We humans have produced different kinds of wastes, one of them is food waste. Millions of people do not have access to food and they suffer through various health problems because of it. Following the 3R’s is a must to lessen the amount of waste produced, The 3R’s are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. So in this experience I reused old leftover chocolates and made new chocolates out of them, if I wouldn’t have used this, they would have gone to waste!.

I also shared these dishes with my family members and a few servants of my neighbourhood, the servants rarely had such dishes, and when I gave it to them, they had an instant joy and they loved it!, I felt so kind that I made someone happy that day!

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