Learn how to play a guitar-cas

i always wanted to pour my share of art to music community as i love thoroughly and deeply , so therefore this year it struck me and i got a hold on me due to pandemic ,so finally i’ll make something out of my passion. This decision of me getting productive , doing something to keep me out of bed. i hate being lazy even though i’m a lazy person i need something to make me spend myself because the feeling you get when you hit the bed after getting all spent is very satisfying as you know you made full use of time in your hand and had some results , although results don’t always have to be good, sometimes you just need to work more and that’s what i learnt from guitar . i didn’t ace it at once , took time and followed through baby step and now i can safely say i’m not a beginner anymore.


creativity- i can now add music to some of my own write ups

activity – i’m learning

service- i plan to have my own show for charity but that’ll take time as i still haven’t perfected the guitar. on a mission.


LO1- i have always been passionate about music, i love it , i understand it and it makes me feel happy and i tried to convert this passion into a new skill of mine.

LO2- of course it has been a challenge , it’s not that i picked up my guitar and i’m bryan adams . perfectioning one chord one tune one note and getting a hang of the strumming is all an outcome of the time i’ve invested in guitar .

LO3- to be boldly honest about this thing , i’ve been wanting to learn how to play from past 3 years but i never got time for it , i know it’s my own choice to make time for other things from past 2 years i had football career at peak and in tenth std of course i had to be serious about the board examination, so when i finally changed my school and because of this pandemic i had ample amount of time in my hand , so one day i make up my mind ordered a guitar and when something’s right in front of you it’s hard to excuse it , so this is how i initiated my cas experience.

LO4- i’m proud of say that now i’ve completed 6 months of guitar lessons, ergo the commitment.

LO5- honestly i wasn’t looking for any benefit here but i wouldn’t deny that because of this skill i can play and sing to myself and have a really good time , sitting in my balcony relaxing . i can monetise this skill .



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