CAS Experience- Creative Mela

Creative Mela is a tradition for my school, during this time of the year everyone enrolls themselves for a 2-day creativity getaway. These 2 days from the entire year are to freely express the hidden art to every student. The core aim of organizing Creative Mela is to encourage and enrich students’ artistic skills through eccentric ways of art exploration. These workshops are notably structured to inculcate the creative development of each student and improve their inventive visualization and imagination. This year, however, the event was held online, with plenty of hands-on activities for us, from which we can participate in any 2 of all the workshops of our choice. Sadly, this year we were unable to invite the underprivileged students from our local government schools, however, the event continued with the students of our school. I participated in 2 workshops- Crochet flowers & zoom in or zoom.

On the first day, we explored how to make a Crochet flower with the use of a needling tool and wool from a wool ball. The color selection was completely my choice so I decided to go with yellow. At the very beginning, I was getting the hold of it however, in the end, the wool was slipping and I wasn’t able to cope up with the rest of my peers. I struggled to understand the hand movements with the tool because it was an online session. By the end of the first class, my flower had completely lost its shape. On the contrary, the second day was quite uplifting. We had to choose 2 products in front of us and either draw it zoom in or zoom out. I choose to zoom in. By the end of the class, my final work was neat and nice.

Evidently, I struggled with one of the workshops of Crochet Flowers, I hadn’t done anything like this before. Being an art student, I decided to take up activities associated with the media wool for my artworks throughout the year. I started with punch needlework which was equally difficult; however, I soon started to understand its technique with the help of a teacher. I obviously feel good for the new material and skill that I’ve explored and the motivation was definitely creative Mela.

Previous to the dates of creative Mela, a google form is shared where interested students can enroll themselves. I immediately decided to participate with the thought of completion of creativity and activity strand for CAS. From this experience, I discovered skills like making crochet flowers which I hadn’t known before. I think it is important to initiate or plan a CAS experience by ourselves because no one else knows what’s best for you and what activities you’ll be interested in.

As this year’s Creative Mela was held online I had very minimal interaction with my peers in the workshop. Although working with others for me usually is easy as I am a people person. During the workshop, each and every one of us was waiting for each other to be on the same page. I think that’s where I sensed good teamwork skills, this way the teacher did not have to check upon us. It was a fun experience, where everything was new for everybody.

At last, Creative Mela’s are something that I’ve enjoyed every year. I feel like I have successfully completed it as my CAS experience. I would love to participate in Creative Mela for one last year, that is next year. It always brings me joy to learn something new in the field of Arts.


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