Cooking – CAS Reflection

The skill I am going to develop is cooking food which is certainly mandatory for survival. I tend to fulfill this by creating 3-4 dishes with proper guidance from my cook as well as my parents. I will slowly develop this skill as I have started from scratch where I have no knowledge or ability to make food. The consistency of the times I make food with regular intervals in between is what will cause the development of my skills. Cooking is a skill which is very important for independence as throughout life, guidance would not be present so learning these skills provide a medium through which one can be responsible as well as independent by compelling towards one’s responsibility and duties. 

LO1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth 

I faced major weaknesses while developing a skill even knowing when to add what, what to keep, gas levels and a lot other elements was something I was very unfamiliar with. I did not have persistent experience to automatically lead myself through cooking food. The strength of this activity was that i had sufficient guidance from my parents and cook to help me through learning the nitigrities of cooking and a long time, the advanced aspects of it too. Type of inputs, physical mixing, temperature were the basics i learned while the way to check whether food was of good quality, enhanced tasting measures was something i was taught and learned ahead. The importance of knowing our weaknesses is that we gain knowledge about ourselves and our skills and the way we need to improve which could pave the way for personal growth. This activity was a medium to work on my weakness and translate it into a strength to help me in being independent as an individual. 

LO2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process 

The reason it was so challenging is that learning without any basics was very hard and time consuming and also annoying. I was getting agitated by the fact that it took time for me to process this skill which was leading to disinterest in this skill. I have not done anything like this before which is why I had no flexibility in adopting this skill. Even though I had disinterest, I pushed myself with the common goal of developing my skills and convinced myself that even though it is taking time, the skill is developing. I feel proud of myself that I could perform and develop the skill of cooking by efficiently managing myself to reach the goal I promised; there was disinterest, agitation, mistakes to which I had to learn instead of giving up so that I could personally prosper. The importance of taking up new challenges is that not only do you learn specific skills but you adopt the skill of managing yourself through the ups and down you experience. This challenge helped me in attaining the skill of cooking which would help me in being less reliant on the entities around me and be self sufficient throughout durations of my life. 

LO4 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

At the start when I tried cooking, the food I made was not even near being digestible or edible. It lacked taste, quality, variety and everything that made food desirable. Commitment and perseverance is what was going to enhance the way I made food as it required continuous practice and commitment of my time, energy and interest. The time needed to cook a dish is less but to devote myself while learning was the major component; i did not crib or complain but simply maintain my interests to reap the quality results ahead. It was relatively hard to always show a positive attitude and approach as I was a subject to mistakes and inefficiencies in the process but as the frequency increased I started having fun and tended to be more involved. The importance of commitment and perseverance is that it helps in deriving desirable results as well shows the limit to which an individual can go. 

Final Takeaway:

In conclusion, cooking was a skill I learned due to the importance it caters to in the future. The learner profile attributes I managed to display were being a communicator and inquirer. I communicated with the guidance I had about the technicalities of the cooking process and the way everything should be approached while I was an inquirer as I questioned about the foundation of performing this activity and the reason behind it which gave me motivation to move ahead. Initially I had a perspective that through money everything can be achieved but by learning the skill of cooking I have known how sufficient and complete it feels to do everything by yourself.this activity brought a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment as it changed my view of the inability to do this skill. By performing it I proved myself wrong which brought pleasure to the fact that I had the will to do something and did it regardless of how unconfident I was.   


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