Calisthenics Workout

Reflection with evidence and described LO’s


They are a culmination of almost all things I’ve learnt:
(Also, some images are in a
  • The move above is the “swing” or the “flow”, which I will follow by a “180” which literally means taking a 180 degree turn while swinging on the bar and switch your position: you’ll see the swing and switch in the images ahead
  • Here you can see evidently I moved my hand and will let go of both my hands and then grab the bar again after turning 180 degree in the air
  • And did a 180 again in the flow!
  • Doing maximum tricep push ups in a go^^
  • I couldn’t do 1, not even a half push up before I joined calisthenics, now I can do 15 in one go!
  • 15 kgs: weighted sit-ups
  • This is also a tough move to unlock, which requires us to rotate our body on the bar with just holding the bar, we go down and then come back up!
  • Here, I did a front roll, then jumped to take a flow in one go and then did a swing-180.
  • One more 180.
  • +3 kg L-sit exercise
  • Doing a front roll: just hold the bar with our hands and quickly roll in one flow
  • Back roll: which I do without extra-support or swing, this is now also unlocked in one flow!

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