CAS Experience : Daily Home gym exercise(Action)

For my fifth CAS experience, I have utilized my home treadmill and gym in order to stay fit, in these times where it is not possible to go out frequently. I switched between 1km on treadmill to using machines. This was done on the span of three months (Start of September 2020 to end of November 2020).

LO2: I have faced many challenges while conducting this CAS experience, such as not having enough time leftover in the day to fulfill the daily exercise quota that I had set (2 – 3.5 km daily), and that was one the major setbacks. I had done similar exercise plans before but never as much as I had done in this experience. I had overcome this challenge by arriving at the gym (beneath the building) at times where there were both less people and at either early morning or late night.

By undertaking this challenge i felt extremely proud of myself as I had taken out a lot of time for an activity that takes barely ten to thirty minutes but has very positive benefits. One skill that I had discovered in the middle of this was the fact that I shouldn’t stop when i was tired, rather i should only decrease the speed and keep running.

I felt surprised at learning this new skill as I had never tried to do something like this before.


I had to stay committed, as after a few days my body’s energy was decreasing because I was running too much. To counter this, I started to eat more carbohydrates so i could exercise better. Because I was exercising daily, it was difficult to keep exercising as sometimes I had to take out time for it. This was getting increasingly necessary as submissions were piling up and I needed to complete this experience as fast as possible, before anything new starts in January.

This activity required persistence and dedication to running, and there was no scope for slowing down or cutting down the daily time that I had allotted to myself.


One ethical issue included in this activity was the fact that people get fat and lazy when they do not do enough exercise, especially during the lockdown when there was no scope for anyone to go outside and exercise, while I luckily had a home gym ready to use.

I knew that staying at one place for a long time causes laziness, and that slowly my body wouldn’t be strong enough again. My action was justified, because if I had not done this, then It would have taken much longer to get fit again, so I needed to stay healthy and I had to treat myself ethically.

My opinion on this issue was that being fat wasn’t such a heavy problem and that exercise is useless, but after three months of this experience i came to realise that there are numerous benefits of working out and that it is much better than staying in one place.

Final thoughts: I felt much better and lively after a month of exercising, and I felt I was much more concentrated than before.

I developed the learner profile for Principled, as I had shown dedication to my work. My views were greatly altered as I got much more motivated and I could now run much faster than before, and I also had developed a habit of exercising.

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